Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 2×14 “The Good Wound”

Sarah gains strength from images of Kyle Reese, John’s father, while she’s hurt.

Weaver attempts to save John Henry.

Directed by Jeff Woolnough

Chad Role : Deputy Simmons

The episode begins with Sarah lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Kyle Reese’s voice can be heard. He tells Sarah that John gave him a photo of her once, but he doesn’t know why he had to tell her this now. Sarah wakes up in confusion, and her memory flashes to the bloody three dots. Kyle continues by saying that she is young like she is now. He has always wondered what she was thinking at that moment. Sarah’s memory flashes to Eileen revealing her true identity for the first time. Kyle says that Sarah looks sad, like she was remembering something long ago. He tells her that he traveled across time for her. He reveals that he had loved her, and always had.

Sarah finally wakes up, and notices patients walking outside the corridor. Among them is a cop asking question to a nurse outside. A voice suddenly calls out to Sarah, addressing her in a military tone to be on her feet. She looks around but doesn’t see anyone. She checks her leg, covered in bandages, and looks at her medical report. It states that she was brought in as a “Jane Doe”, unconscious with a gunshot wound. The cop (Chad Lindberg)and nurse finish their conversation, and then the nurse goes and checks on Sarah, who pretends to be asleep.

After the nurse closes the door, the mysterious voice sternly calls out to Sarah to stand up. She unplugs the IV drip from her arm and tries to stand, but she is weakened from her leg wound and the excruciating pain. “Pain can be controlled,” the voice says. As Sarah breathes hard, a hand reaches out to her. It is Kyle Reese. “Come with me if you want to live,” he says. Unable to understand his presence here, Sarah takes his hand and gets up. As the cop waits outside Sarah’s ward, he hears a glass-shattering noise inside. He barges in and finds the window broken. Sarah throws the IV drip tube over his neck, strangling him until he goes unconscious. Kyle goes past the cop’s body and tells Sarah to take his gun, which she does. He tells her that the hall is clear and urges her to go…..