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“Decoding Annie Parker,” starring Samantha Morton and Helen Hunt, traces the discovery of the breast cancer gene through the lives of two women — one who carries it, one who uncovers it.

Based on two true stories, this modest indie with major ambitions is directed by veteran cinematographer Steven Bernstein, making a solid feature debut. He uses the barely intersecting lives of Annie Parker (Morton), who lost her mother and sister to the disease before being diagnosed with it herself, and geneticist Mary-Claire King (Hunt), to dissect the search for the BRCA-1 gene in both personal and scientific terms.

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Casting Net : Chad Lindberg on the same page than Leonardo Dicaprio, Via Inside Movies!

• Wolf of Wall Street co-stars and Oscar nominees Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are reportedly set to re-team for an Atlanta Olympics bombing drama based on the 1997 Vanity Fair article “The Ballad of Richard Jewell.” Fox acquired the rights to the article and planned to develop it for Hill, who would play Jewell, the janitor who reported the suspicious bag and was subsequently accused of being a potential suspect in the bombing. DiCaprio would play the attorney at his side. [Deadline]


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Chad Lindberg & Paul Walker Memories…#RIPPaulWalker…

 Sad New today… The talented & Great actor Paul Walker passed away in a tragic car accident.

He was with a friend in the car.He wasn’t the driver. Both of them died in the car explosion….

Chad Lindberg worked with Paul years ago in the Fast & Furious movie!

Please, send your lovely thoughts to Chad who’s feeling sad today!

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Chad Lindberg Story : I feel weird and sad today. I feel fortunate enough to have known and gotten to work with Paul. So many great memories while filming “The Fast and the Furious”. I remember right after the scene where I come screeching in after losing my car screaming tears to Dom…After they yelled cut Paul ran out to tell me amazing work and gave me a hug. That’s the kind of guy he was. My heart goes out to his family and close friends. Such a bummer and shocking. I still don’t believe it…

Chad Lindberg Movie: “Decoding Annie Parker: Veteran Cinematographer Takes Turn at the Helm!” Read the Article!

Decoding Annie Parker marks the feature film directing debut of long-time indie cinematographer Steven Bernstein, ASC, who has over 40 cinematography credits, beginning with Conspiracy in 1989.

Decoding Annie Parker takes audiences on an intimate journey based on the real life experiences of two women, who live in parallel worlds. Bernstein was attracted to the story because he was looking to direct a film about something important, explaining:

I asked agents to send me scripts. One of the scripts was about Annie Parker. The script was written by Dr. Michael Moss, a physician who believed it is important for her story to be told. Annie was 13 years old when breast cancer claimed her mother’s life. Her older sister later lost a battle with ovarian cancer. Annie subsequently survived three breast cancer operations.

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Bernstein contacted Dr. Moss and Annie Parker. After a heartfelt discussion, they gladly accepted his offer to rewrite the script. Bernstein was assisted in that endeavor by his son Adam.

The second woman is Mary-Clare King, a geneticist who spent years searching for a reliable early clue that women will be afflicted with breast cancer. In 1992, she discovered that women with the BRCA1 gene in their DNA are likely to develop breast cancer. King subsequently discovered that the BRCA2 gene in DNA signals ovarian cancer is likely to occur.

To Bernstein, Decoding Annie Parker is a story about faith, hope, and survival during challenging times. It took Bernstein five years to raise the funds needed to produce the film:

Everyone involved believed in the story. Their heartfelt support enabled us to produce Decoding Annie Parker in 35 mm anamorphic format with a $2 million budget. When we added up the numbers, we found that two perf 35 MM film was affordable. We used the 2.4:1 aspect to visually augment the drama. We used empty spaces to show alienation and sadness. I also wanted a dynamic frame that I could move things across.


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