@ChadLindberg & the HOC Team investigating the Smith Hall & Waltmar Theater buildings!


 “Haunted OC was invited by Chapman University Wednesday night to investigate two purportedly haunted buildings on campus, Smith Hall as well as the Waltmar Theater. Special thanks to the Sociology department for hosting us. We’ll be sharing findings in a few days.”Chad Chad2 Credit : Haunted Orange County

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My Chad Lindberg Meet! ;)

I finally met Chad Lindberg for real!!

It was a dream for me! Everyone knows how this man is really important for me! He’s really an inspiring man! His acting is amazing! I love what he does of his characters & I love what he has done in his series & movies! He gives everytime the best of him! He really impressed me!!

I was going to meet him for the first time the saturday!! I was so anxious to meet him! You know, my dream was coming true! And he was the mean person that I wanted to meet! It was happening…  Lucky I was when I met him by surprise the Friday evening! When I saw him back, he was talking with my friends! I didn’t believe he was there, just in front of me!! And woww he’s really tall! lol When he saw me, he said “Hi”! I said the same thing I guess, & he said “You are Audrey!” I was like “What? He recognized me just now, without talking?” Lol! And so I said yes, & he hugged me for the first time! We talked a little, and tell me how he was glad to finally meet me! I said the same thing! And we took a pic! My friends were so happy for me!! They took a pic of us too! Lol And then, he said us he was going to sleep, and see you tomorrow!

Believe me, i couldn’t talk more! I don’t know, I was so shy & I coudn’t talk more! xD It’s not because I didn’t have nothing to say him, it’s because I was so impressed by him!

I couldn’t sleep of all the night! I didn’t stop to think at this moment, and at this “tomorrow”!

All the weekend was great!!! He gave me so many hugs, we talked about everything! He told me my site was great & he loves what i was doing for him! He even invites me on stage at his panel, to talk about me & about the site! And he hugs me again! At his M&G saturday, we talked a lot! Even of twitter, because we were talking so long time on this website! At the cocktail, he came to me to take a picture, saying he was doing that just for me! At the end of his M&G of sunday, I talked to him about the fanclub, and I gave him the things that we did for him! He told me how he appreciate that! He hugged me and told me “I love you Audrey”! Wow, he was so touched by all what I’m doing for him! And even more memories…

At the end, I was crying because it was over! The only thing in my head, was I won’t see him soon anymore! He was at the entrance of the hotel, & my friend went to tell him, I was crying & how I was so sad! He came to take me in his arms, saying me sweet things! He found this so cute! haha! Believe me, I didn’t want he sees me crying! Lol! And he hugged again so hard, saying me we will talk on twitter!

All my moments spent with him were the best part of the weekend! He made my weekend…my best weekend ever!! Honestly, I NEVER meet someone like him!! He’s so adorable & sweet with all his fans! And he takes so much time for them! He’s a sweet man…the sweetest person never met! He loves his fans, & show them his love! And he gives the BEST HUGS EVER!!!!

It was so hard when I realized I won’t see him “tomorrow”… You know, many memories with him that I won’t never forget!!! I hope I could to meet him again really soon!!

I knew him as an amazing actor, and now, I know he’s really a sweetheart & a wonderful person!! I can’t explain with the good words all what I lived! Any word is enough to explain my feelings!

The only regret that I have, it’s maybe to not talk about my feelings to meet him! He doesn’t know what I think! Just because I had afraid to cry again, & talk a bad english lol

I’m feeling really lucky by this meet! Maybe some people won’t understand me, but he represents a lot, & he’s so important for me! It was an awesome weekend! And now, everytime I talk about Chad to someone, telling this awesome weekend, I have tears in my eyes…

It’s a little short for this big weekend, but it resumes enough what I think 🙂 Thank You Chad to be the Best!! Thank you for everything… I can’t thank you enough!!

Thank You to everyone who comes on the fansite!!!!!!


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