Ivan’s Custody Battle – All together for @chadLindberg & His family @beyond_badass!

If you can go, please go & show your support to this family! This need us, they need our help… Show your love & show the Ivan’s Army is big!! :p

Ivan Man Fund


#IvansArmy – Help @ChadLindberg & His family!!

Chad Lindberg & His family need your help!

Since some months ago now, Ivan is not at his ONLY home… We need to make everything possible to help them to get him back home!

Chad Lindberg & his family are always so kind & generous with everyone, with all fans…They do everything they can to help us, to support us & make everything work good with their BEYOND BADASS website… This time, it’s US to make the huge difference & to be there for them!



Recently, a Badass Bitches shirt was made for helping this lovely family! All your donations will help to fight with them, to get Ivan back home!


Please people, keep supporting Chad Lindberg & his family! Everything you do is important for them… Keep sending your love, tweet them your love & support, spread the word about the shirt, & the donations… EVERYTHING will make the difference!!

They need us! Don’t let them down… Do everything you can, as much you can!

Thank YOU! 🙂

Help @ChadLindberg & His family in their battle “BringIvanBackHome”…They need us!!

Help Chad Lindberg & his family.

Chad did a lot for all his fans, & still doing the best for all of us.

Now, Chad & his family need us…They need of our help to get Ivan (Chad Lindberg’s nephew) back at his home, where he’s surrounded by the love of his family!

Please it’s VERY important! Give as much you can, tweet your love & support to them ( @chadlindberg & @beyond_badass ), & Spread the word! Thank you everyone!

This is the link where you can read everything about that!:)


Chad Lindberg with his family to the Fundraiser and Christmas Parade in Mount Vernon Christmas! (12-7-14)

Ivan and I preparing for the Christmas Parade! !

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Parade Action!!!

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Caroling in Pine Square!

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Beyond Badass New Pieces Added by Chad Lindberg & his family!! Check!!

Check out these incredible wonderful pieces added!! Remember, everything is handmade by the Chad Lindberg Family!!

Every piece is Unique! And pieces goes fast!!! If you like it, grab it now!!!



Chad Lindberg & His Mom! <3

I Love this family so much!! ❤