Chad Lindberg & Dave Abbitt Road Trip Pics!

Bring @ChadLindberg Back in Fast & Furious!!! Sign it & Spread the word please!! ;)

Many people loved Chad Lindberg aka Jesse in Fast & Furious !!!

He killed him so early, at the beginning of the saga… Now, we want him BACK!!! We know it’s possible!! We know they can bring back someone already dead in another movie! Chad Lindberg’s fans keep telling him they want him back!!!

Chad himself said to @FarBeyondDakota to work with me for the campaign!! @Melfromwindsor is agree with me too! Let’s moving the things…all Chad Lindberg fans, all Fast & Furious fans!! So please, SIGN this & Spread the word!!

We need a lot of signatures to try to make this happen!!!

And tweet to the producer Justin Lin > you want him back!!


Fast & Furious (30)