Chad Lindberg’s Christmas!

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A Lindberg Family Christmas.

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We made an Ivan Burrito.

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Ivan opens his gifts from Santa.

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Christmas Morning.

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Chad Lindberg “Bad Guy” for a new audition! Good Luck!!

Chad Lindberg Garage Sale (8/31/13)!

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Man Vs. Garage Sale

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Chad Lindberg : How can he receive hate Tweets & Complaints ?! #StopThis

Hello There!!

Just writting this article cause what’s happened tonight!!

Chad Lindberg decided to do a Twitter shit storm on Twitter!!! Instead of to receive only love tweets or questions, he got hate & complaints tweets too!! Everyone knows he hates receive these kind of tweets!! He doesn’t like hate, even more when that comes to his “fans”!!!

Chad is the sweetest man ever!! When I say sweetest, I mean SWEETEST !!!! He ALWAYS care about his fans, & he ALWAYS showed it!!! He takes a really pleasure to reply to them on twitter, & laugh with them!! There are not lot of actors who take their time like he does for us!!! He’s a human, has a private life, & he’s busy!!!! Everyone have to understand he can’t reply to everybody, & everytime at them!! He gets lot of tweets by day!!!

Seriously people, don’t take that personally when Chad doesn’t reply you!! He does ALWAYS his best to make his fans happy!!!! The lack of respect of some people is annoying!!!! He doesn’t deserve that at all !!!! People complaining everytime is exhausting!!! Don’t forget he replies to his fans for FUN!!!!! You have to know Chad Lindberg DON’T IGNORE you!!! And he will never do!!!! The main reason is because he loves his fans SO MUCH…and when I say his fans, I mean ALL HIS FANS!!!!

So please people, stop acting in this very bad way with him!!!! Even with these tweets he LOVES YOU!!! He’s ALWAYS nice with his fans… I can’t believe I read tweets saying to be nice with his fans just because he says he doesn’t like hate tweets….For 1 sec, put him at his place! If you receive lot of complaining or hates tweets, you wouldn’t like too!!! ! He just wants to let you know he doesn’t like these kind of tweets for no reason!!!

Show  him your love & not your hate cause you think only to yourself !! Chad has a big heart!!! Never forget he wants only the best for his fans, & he does always the best he can for them! 😉

I hope it’ll be the last time I should write an article like this!!! He deserves only the best!!


Chad Lindberg – Full Panel Report, M&G Tweets, Lot of First Pics & Videos! Enjoy!! ;)#Vancon

M&G : 

@bb_brenda : Rob, Emily, Chad & Reverend Qualls M&G was fantastic. There was a surprise visitor, some SPN news, a ghost encounter & a bum tattoo #vancon

@squeemonster : Fun M&G with @RobBenedict , @ChadLindberg @TheOnlyDJQualls & Emily! All awesome individuals. I will never look at rum or jungles the same.


@alliekear : Omg almost time for @ChadLindberg. Let the epic awesomeness begin! #sexybeast #vancon #vancon2013

@PadaAholic : Almost the time for @ChadLindberg ‘s panel. Hey don’t forget to bring your paranormal toys to the stage 🙂 #vancon

@DNMMagazine : .@ChadLindberg begins his panel by taking a picture of the audience! #spn #VanCon

@Naficeh : Awwww! Chad brought his parents! #vancon

@Naficeh : Chad Lindberg is on stage! Well kinda. He’s walking around. 🙂 #vancon

@DNMMagazine : Chad brought his parents with him! #spn #VanCon

@WinchesterBros : Chad brought some of his paranormal investigator tools #VanCon

@PadaAholic : Chad brought his parents with him #vancon

@SpnUk : Chad is wearing an awesome Bert and Ernie T-shirt! #VanCon

@PadaAholic : Chad brought his paranormal stuff,awesome! #vancon

@allebsupernova : Chad on stage talking about Alex Cross. Wearing a Bert and Ernie shirt! 😛 #VanCon

@SpnUk : Chad on stage at #VanCon

@Charkinzie : Chad Lindberg #vancon

@Naficeh : “I do my own stunts….. Sometimes. -Chad #VanCon

@Bardicvoice : Q’s about Chad in #AliceCross film: got his ass handed to him in fight stunt scene w Tyler Perry! Bruises … 🙂 #VanCon

@DNMMagazine : CL: the Supernatural fan base is staggering. #spn #VanCon

@Eris_author : ASH!!! #VanCon

@FangasmSPN : Talking about how wonderful #spn fans are. @ChadLindberg #vancon

@Charkinzie : Mr. Lindberg #vancon

@Bardicvoice : #TheCape TV series didn’t take off. Circumstances around SPN extraordinary: stars get to tour world, meet fans, wow! #VanCon

@PadaAholic : Chad is talking about how wonderful the Supernatural are and says the Supernatural fan base is staggering. #VanCon

@SpnUk : Ha ha, chad was just asked to act out Ash’s death! #VanCon

@WinchesterBros : Fan asks Chad about Ash’s death and he said he thinks it was in a blaze of glory with the mullet on fire. #vancon

@DNMMagazine : CL: if Ash burned the mullet would survive. #spn #VanCon

@FangasmSPN : Chad enacts the dramatic way Ash should have died. Aaa ah! #vancon @ChadLindberg

@PadaAholic : Chad said he thinks Ash’s death was in a blaze of glory with the mullet on fire. #vancon

@Bardicvoice : Asked to enact Ash’s death scene, Chad agrees he’d have preferred them to douse Ash with fuel and light him up! #vancon

@Bardicvoice: Chad laughs the mullet would have survived; too full of product to burn! #VanCon

@Charkinzie : @ChadLindberg is awesome #vancon

@FangasmSPN : Ash could probably go up in flames and the mullet would still survive. Fans: damn straight. #vancon

@Bardicvoice : Chad talking about his Ghost Adventures experiences; says he’ll be back. #VanCon

@WinchesterBros : Chad Lindberg on stage at #VanCon

@FangasmSPN : Chad’s parents when he gets a role: do you die?? #vancon

@Bardicvoice : Chad on #CriminalMinds – nice people, great crew, super craft services. “I am a professional die-er; I die a lot.” #VanCon

@DNMMagazine : CL: I’m a professional die-er! #spn #VanCon

@allebsupernova : Ash would wrestle a bear with his bare hands. #VanCon 😛

@WinchesterBros : Ash vs bear, Chad says his money is on Ash. #VanCon

 @SpnUk : If Ash encountered a black bear…he would throw weapons away and take it on with his own hands. Poor bear… #VanCon
@FangasmSPN: Fans made enough noise after s2 for Kripke to bring Ash back, so its always possible…#vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad doesn’t expect a phone call for Ash, but … he reminds fans that Ash in Heaven came bcuz Kripke heard fan love! #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Chad thinks Ash and Castiel would make a great pair! #VanCon
@RonnisTweets : @ChadLindberg on stage at #VanCon #Ash Write in to bring him back!! 🙂
@FangasmSPN: Chad thinks Ash and Cas would be hysterical together. They could just stare at each other… #vancon
@PadaAholic : Chad doesn’t expect a call for Ash to come back he’s I’m heaven now but it’s possible #vancon
@PadaAholic: Chad thinks if Ash and Cas met eachother they’d stare at eachother #vancon
@bobbviously : chad lindberg is cute #dang
@DNMMagazine : is so obviously passionate about his work with the paranormal. Great to hear what he has to say.
@Bardicvoice : Asked most profound paranormal experience, Chad talks about getting scratched by something unseen, mark like velociraptor claws. #vancon
@Naficeh : Chad is talking about paranormal experiences. #VanCon
@RonnisTweets : What’s Ash doing now that the Angels are gone? ‘Kicking back, with his arms around some ladies……nah, I dunno’ #VanCon @ChadLindberg
@Bardicvoice : Fan asks what Ash would think when his heaven computer goes silent with angels exiled from Heaven; says he’s kicking back. #vancon
@FangasmSPN : Chad auditioned for the part of Ash in a sleeveless plaid shirt. Unbuttoned. That was it, he got the part 🙂 #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad doesn’t know what Ash is up to; would love if he made a great, bursting-in, gun-firing appearance, no dialogue, then leave! #vancon
@FangasmSPN : Who would Ash ally with on a desert island? Ellen. Who would he kill or eat? Misha! He’s got it coming 🙂 #vancon
@ristispeaks : The character/actor that Chad would kill/eat on a desert island is…. Misha #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Chad auditioned for Ash in sleeveless plaid shirt; to get day, turned around & fully unbuttoned it, then delivered lines! #VanCon Won it!
@SpnUk : If chad was stuck on a desert island with all the cast he would kill and eat misha. #VanCon

@DNMMagazine : On a desert island @ChadLindberg would ally with Ellen @samanthajferris – his favourite character. #spn #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Desert island? Chad would ally with Sam Ferris, kill & eat Misha! #VanCon
@Bardicvoice  : First job Chad booked in Hollywood was guest on Buffy. Second was ER with George Clooney; got to give George the finger! #vancon
@FangasmSPN  : On XFiles, Chad was stuck in a foxhole with Duchovny. After lunch. Apparently his burps rival Jared’s gas. Poor Chad. #VanCon
@FangasmSPN  : Chad’s first job in LA was Buffy. Excellent start! #vancon
@DNMMagazine  : CL: my 2nd job was ER and I got to work with George Clooney. He’s the coolest guy in the world. #spn #VanCon
@Bardicvoice  : Stuck in mud pit with David Duchovny in X-Files; apologizing for burping after lunch! #VanCon
@PadaAholic: Chad: supernatural has given me such life after death, it’s very special to me. #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad’s spirit box is making rhythmic scratching noises … #VanCon
@WinchesterBros : One of Chad’s ghost detectors is going off!! He is asking if there are spirits here. It’s pretty scary! #VanCon
@SpnUk : Chad is talking to spirits on stage. #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Hollywood moments: Chad at #ISpitOnYourGrave premiere had his mom on one side and his ex-girlfriend on the other … #VanCon
@PadaAholic : Chad is talking about ghosts #vancon
@Charkinzie : “I Spit On Your Grave” is a classic
@Charkinzie : He’s seen apparitions
@Charkinzie : Tweeting supernatural experiences ?
@Charkinzie  : @ChadLindberg took his mom to see “I Spit On Your Grave”
@Bardicvoice : Fan asks if Chad talked with his mom before she saw #ISpitOnYourGrave – she’d cover her eyes with her fan for many scenes! #vancon
@DNMMagazine : CL: during the premiere of #SpitOnYourGrave I had to tell my mom when to cover her ears or eyes #spn #VanCon
@FangasmSPN : Chad’s mom talking about how amazing he is on I Spit On Your Grave. Awwww. #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad puts his mom on mike: she says #ISpitOnYourGrave was her fave of Chad’s performances, even tho she didn’t see a lot of it … #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Chad’s mom says he did an incredible job in #ISpitOnYourGrave – she encourages everyone to see it.#VanCon
@FangasmSPN : What is Ash’s biggest fear? Fan: scissors! Lol #vancon
@Bardicvoice : What is Ash’s biggest fear? SCISSORS! Losing the mullet! #VanCon
@RonnisTweets : Ash’s biggest fear – scissors!! Losing the mullet. No mullet – no Ash! #VanCon
@Naficeh : Chad’s mom complimenting his performance on I Spit on your Grave. I’m tearing up a little here. #VanCon
@FangasmSPN : Chad is totally choked up saying his dad is his hero. *wibbles* #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad wanted to be a police officer like his dad, then learned he couldn’t shoot a gun! Discovered acting in school, that was it. #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Fangirl moment for Chad? Getting tweeted by Zach from Ghost Adventures! #VanCon
@FangasmSPN : Chad fangirl moment was when Zak Baggins tweeted him. He ran into the other room yelling “MOM! Zak tweeted me!!” #vancon
@PadaAholic : Chad fangirl moment was when Zak Baggins tweeted him.He ran into the other room yelling “MOM!Zak tweeted me!!” #vancon
@WinchesterBros : A fan talks to Chad about a friend who killed herself and one of his spirit detectors went off. #VanCon
@Naficeh:  So that’s twice I’ve almost cried during Chad’s panel. #vancon
@PadaAholic: I’m crying omg a fan talks to Chad about a friend who killed herself #VanCon
@WinchesterBros : Chad asks his spirit detector to name the man on his right and it says RICHARD!! #vancon
@FangasmSPN : The moment the spirit box frickin answered @ChadLindberg and Richard!!! #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Fan said friend suicided; Chad’s spirit box makes noise. Chad said his friend with same name also suicided; spirits connecting? #VanCon
@Charkinzie : Ash’s biggest fear: losing the mullet
@Charkinzie : Listening to a fan’s story
@suenash19 : #VanCon bye Chad x
@PadaAholic : Richard and chad playing with the spirit box #vancon
@DNMMagazine : .@ChadLindberg’s spirit box responded when @dicksp8jr came on stage, saying the name “Richard”! #spn #VanCon
By @mcnamcj

   By @mcnamcj


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My #Supernatural Panel…

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