Chad’s Particularities

Date of Birth : November 1, 1976

City of Birth > Mount Vernon

Actually town >> Living in Los Angeles

Animals > A dog named Powder

Favorite Band >> Counting Crows

Favorite Kind of Music : Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Michael Jackson

Favorite Song >> Mr. Jones by Counting Crows

If he could choose a power? >> He would want to be able to fly !

Super-heros >> Superman, Batman

Favorites TV Shows >> Ghost Adventures, Sons of Anarchy

Best  Impression > Heath Ledger’s Joker

Where did you go to school to learn acting? >> Just high school theater. Started working locally then went to LA.

Favorite project : I Spit On Your Grave

Ultimate role: an alien or vampire

Fave actor to work with, excluding SPN : Clooney, A. Banderas

Favorite movie : What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Top 3 Christmas Movies : Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and  Scrooged!

His Hero : His Mom (She had cancer & survived! He did a tattoo for her on his arm!)

Fave Sour Candy : Sour Patch Kids or Sour Belts

One thought on “Chad’s Particularities

  1. Hey! Just want to say that I am a big fan of Chad on Ghost Stalkers and I love “Ash”. Been watching Supernatural since the very beginning and Ash made a huge impression on me, than last year found you on Destination America. Awesome for you! Some day I am going the The Wavery Sanitorium in Ky to see all the spirits.
    Bless you Chad and many great years in L.A. to comef!
    Terri Donisi

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