Chad Lindberg will be at the Jimmy Star Show this wednesday!

Chad Lindberg will call in the Jimmy Star Show this wednesday!!

Stay tuned at 3 PM on to listen him in the show!! 🙂

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Chad Lindberg : I’m calling in. 😉 RT @Cata9tales: We’re back on The Jimmy Star Show this week! Tune in Wed, 3 p.m. EST! @DrJimmyStar@drewalbright

Chad Lindberg Interview! Check This Out!!

Chad Lindberg accepted to do an interview for the fansite! Here it is! 🙂

Thank you again Chad !

  Who inspired you to get into acting?

Since I was very young it was always what I wanted to do. I was always comfortable around the Camera and was making home Movies as a Kid. In High School I began to pursue it professionally. Jim Caviezel ( Passion of the Christ) was from the same area I grew up in Mount Vernon, WA. He had just booked a part on “Wyatt Earp” and it was big news around town. I saw him making it and thought I could do it too. I was also inspired when I saw Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. It’s amazing to watch him in that Movie still. Very inspiring.

You have played so many different characters. How easy is it for you to get into the mindset of a character and bring that character to life for us?

Sometimes it’s very easy to slip into a Character and sometimes it takes a lot of work. Some Characters don’t always come so naturally. I remember when I got the Audition Material for Ash on “Supernatural”. I knew right away that the part was perfect me. I knew it HAD to be me. Some Characters surprise me. I didn’t expect “Joey Peanuts” on NCIS to amuse me so much. What I actually did in the audition room as opposed to what was on Set was completely different.

What’s easier for you to play? (For example comedy or drama). What do you prefer to do? Action movie, others? 🙂

I would say neither is harder or easier for me. I like them both and they provide their own challenges. Action Movies are quite fun but can be tiring. Shooting the Zombie Movie “Dead Walking” I was completely exhausted everyday from the big Zombie killing scenes and running around take after take. I realized just how out of shape I was! By the end of the shoot I was in great shape however. 😉

How did you feel when you heard Supernatural had conventions and they wanted you to be a part of them? And what do you like the most in these events?

What an amazing Gift. I don’t think any of the Cast expected to be flown all over the World to spend time with such amazing fans when the show began. It just grew into this huge Phenomenon.  The Supernatural Cons have taken off in a huge way and I think they will continue to do so for a long time. I love getting to see these beautiful locations and meeting the fans all across the World. I also get to spend time and get to know my fellow Cast mates which is very cool.

 In one of SPN episodes we saw Ash in Heaven. Your perfect Heaven – how would it look like?

Surrounded by my Family and Friends. Maybe fit in a Michael Jackson Concert here and there. 😉

We know you loved to play in “I Spit On Your Grave”! How did you prepare your role & How hard it was to play Matthew?

I had about 2 weeks to prepare for the Movie after I got cast. I had a good Idea about how I wanted to approach Matthew but was also pretty nervous at the same time. I wanted to believable and real. Playing mentally challenged is one of the hardest things for an Actor can do I think. But once I got on Set with the other Actors everything fell into place. One of my favorite filming experiances I’ve ever had. Unlike anything I’ve ever done.

Your fans love Sven!! We miss him! Will you ever bring back Sven the Uncool Vampire Blogger & what are his upcoming projects?

Sven loves his fans and he misses them too!!! He will be back. I have big plans for Sven!! Or I should say Sven has big plans for me. 😉 Stay tuned!!!

 What would be your ultimate ‘dream role’? A role you would accept just for pleasure to do it?

I would like to play an Alien at some point. I think that’s gotta be in the Cards somewhere. Also a Western. That would be totally Badass. I would love to be able to ride around on Horses and shoot guns all day.

Dead Walking is a movie version of the series The Walking Dead?! How much fun was it to work on it?

“Dead Walking” has nothing to do with “The Walking Dead.” “Dead Walking” is a SYFY Movie of the Week. It airs on October 27th on the SYFY Channel. I had a blast kicking Zombie Ass. I think Fans are going to really enjoy the Movie. It’s fun!!  I also got to work with such a great Cast. Second time collaborating with the Director Nick Lyon. We did “Punk Love” together quite a few years ago.

Now you played in a Ghost Adventure Episode, what’s your biggest dream?

Going back on another Lockdown with the Ghost Adventures Crew of course. 😉

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Chad Lindberg will be on The Jimmy Star Show, the coolest radio ever, on September 19th!

Chad Lindberg will be on the Jimmy Star Show, & will talk about his upcoming movie Dead Walking!

Don’t miss it, on Wednesday September 19th, at 3 PM on !

Ps : If there are any changement on the date, I’ll tell you! 🙂