Chad Lindberg : #GhostStalkers Promo! Check it out!

@ChadLindberg : #GhostStalkers First Episode “Whispers Estate” INFOS!! Check it out!!

In the premiere episode, “Whispers Estate” on Sunday, October 19 at 10/9c, reports of violent hauntings, goat-like demons, and bizarre shadow creatures drive John and Chad to investigate a possible ghost portal at the Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana. The estate was once home to Dr. John Gibbons, who went insane after his daughter died in a second-floor fire. Over the course of two nights, John and Chad explore whether the spectral attacks are the work of Dr. Gibbons and his family or of something far more evil. The closer they get to the truth, the more they find themselves in the house’s crosshairs.

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@ChadLindberg will be starring in a new Paranormal TV Show “Ghost Stalkers” on Destination America!! AWESOME!!

So HAPPY & Proud to announce Chad Lindberg will be starring in the new Paranormal TV Show “Ghost Stalkers” on Destination America!!! It begins on October 19th at 10 PM!! Don’t miss it!!!

I always believed in him! Always knew he could do big things!! Here it is!!!! On of his biggest dream came true!!!! Show him your support & Love!! 🙂

Chad Lindberg : VERY proud to announce “GhostStalkers”!! A new TV series from DESTINATION AMERICA produced by@nickgroff_ !!! I’ll be Co-starring along side Paranormal Researcher @johneltenney ! We will go to the most haunted locations in America. 48 hours ALONE. Isolated. It begins airing October 19th at 10PM on Destination America! Get ready for a crazy ride paranormal fans!!!

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