Chad Lindberg – The Failures (2003), Synopsis

 Directed by Tim Hunter

Chad’s Role : William

Chad Lindberg plays William, is a chronically-depressed, alcoholic, high school drop-out, wanna-be children’s book writer, who wants to kill himself, but can’t find the courage to go through with it.

He makes up comic book stories about antidepressant drugs that come to life in the form of superheroes Depressor (Michael Ironside) and Elatia (Heather Marie Marsden). Ashley Johnson plays Lilly, a former cheerleader who starts to hate life after her mother commits suicide. William and Lilly start up a romance of sorts.

After Lilly and William meet, she decides she is going to help him commit suicide. Together, they organize William’s suicide into an event. He will jump off the roof of his building, inviting everyone they know and hate to stand by for the big moment.

But then Lilly runs to stop William from jumping off the roof. He humps anyway.

Then all the other characters in the script are so upset by the suicide, that they kill themselves too.

But then everything ends happily ever after, sort of, in a way you’d really have to see the movie to understand.

The Failures was shown at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival as part of the market screenings. It also stars Babylon 5 cult figure Claudia Christian.