Chad Lindberg FULL Panel Report + ALL Pictures!!! #DCcon

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Chad Lindberg #Burcon 2013 New Wonderful Pics Added!!

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Chad Lindberg, More Panel Pics Added #Vancon

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Ash! @chadlindberg is awesome. Such a sweet guy. #vancon

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By @ristispeaks

Chad Lindberg – Full Panel Report, M&G Tweets, Lot of First Pics & Videos! Enjoy!! ;)#Vancon

M&G : 

@bb_brenda : Rob, Emily, Chad & Reverend Qualls M&G was fantastic. There was a surprise visitor, some SPN news, a ghost encounter & a bum tattoo #vancon

@squeemonster : Fun M&G with @RobBenedict , @ChadLindberg @TheOnlyDJQualls & Emily! All awesome individuals. I will never look at rum or jungles the same.


@alliekear : Omg almost time for @ChadLindberg. Let the epic awesomeness begin! #sexybeast #vancon #vancon2013

@PadaAholic : Almost the time for @ChadLindberg ‘s panel. Hey don’t forget to bring your paranormal toys to the stage 🙂 #vancon

@DNMMagazine : .@ChadLindberg begins his panel by taking a picture of the audience! #spn #VanCon

@Naficeh : Awwww! Chad brought his parents! #vancon

@Naficeh : Chad Lindberg is on stage! Well kinda. He’s walking around. 🙂 #vancon

@DNMMagazine : Chad brought his parents with him! #spn #VanCon

@WinchesterBros : Chad brought some of his paranormal investigator tools #VanCon

@PadaAholic : Chad brought his parents with him #vancon

@SpnUk : Chad is wearing an awesome Bert and Ernie T-shirt! #VanCon

@PadaAholic : Chad brought his paranormal stuff,awesome! #vancon

@allebsupernova : Chad on stage talking about Alex Cross. Wearing a Bert and Ernie shirt! 😛 #VanCon

@SpnUk : Chad on stage at #VanCon

@Charkinzie : Chad Lindberg #vancon

@Naficeh : “I do my own stunts….. Sometimes. -Chad #VanCon

@Bardicvoice : Q’s about Chad in #AliceCross film: got his ass handed to him in fight stunt scene w Tyler Perry! Bruises … 🙂 #VanCon

@DNMMagazine : CL: the Supernatural fan base is staggering. #spn #VanCon

@Eris_author : ASH!!! #VanCon

@FangasmSPN : Talking about how wonderful #spn fans are. @ChadLindberg #vancon

@Charkinzie : Mr. Lindberg #vancon

@Bardicvoice : #TheCape TV series didn’t take off. Circumstances around SPN extraordinary: stars get to tour world, meet fans, wow! #VanCon

@PadaAholic : Chad is talking about how wonderful the Supernatural are and says the Supernatural fan base is staggering. #VanCon

@SpnUk : Ha ha, chad was just asked to act out Ash’s death! #VanCon

@WinchesterBros : Fan asks Chad about Ash’s death and he said he thinks it was in a blaze of glory with the mullet on fire. #vancon

@DNMMagazine : CL: if Ash burned the mullet would survive. #spn #VanCon

@FangasmSPN : Chad enacts the dramatic way Ash should have died. Aaa ah! #vancon @ChadLindberg

@PadaAholic : Chad said he thinks Ash’s death was in a blaze of glory with the mullet on fire. #vancon

@Bardicvoice : Asked to enact Ash’s death scene, Chad agrees he’d have preferred them to douse Ash with fuel and light him up! #vancon

@Bardicvoice: Chad laughs the mullet would have survived; too full of product to burn! #VanCon

@Charkinzie : @ChadLindberg is awesome #vancon

@FangasmSPN : Ash could probably go up in flames and the mullet would still survive. Fans: damn straight. #vancon

@Bardicvoice : Chad talking about his Ghost Adventures experiences; says he’ll be back. #VanCon

@WinchesterBros : Chad Lindberg on stage at #VanCon

@FangasmSPN : Chad’s parents when he gets a role: do you die?? #vancon

@Bardicvoice : Chad on #CriminalMinds – nice people, great crew, super craft services. “I am a professional die-er; I die a lot.” #VanCon

@DNMMagazine : CL: I’m a professional die-er! #spn #VanCon

@allebsupernova : Ash would wrestle a bear with his bare hands. #VanCon 😛

@WinchesterBros : Ash vs bear, Chad says his money is on Ash. #VanCon

 @SpnUk : If Ash encountered a black bear…he would throw weapons away and take it on with his own hands. Poor bear… #VanCon
@FangasmSPN: Fans made enough noise after s2 for Kripke to bring Ash back, so its always possible…#vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad doesn’t expect a phone call for Ash, but … he reminds fans that Ash in Heaven came bcuz Kripke heard fan love! #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Chad thinks Ash and Castiel would make a great pair! #VanCon
@RonnisTweets : @ChadLindberg on stage at #VanCon #Ash Write in to bring him back!! 🙂
@FangasmSPN: Chad thinks Ash and Cas would be hysterical together. They could just stare at each other… #vancon
@PadaAholic : Chad doesn’t expect a call for Ash to come back he’s I’m heaven now but it’s possible #vancon
@PadaAholic: Chad thinks if Ash and Cas met eachother they’d stare at eachother #vancon
@bobbviously : chad lindberg is cute #dang
@DNMMagazine : is so obviously passionate about his work with the paranormal. Great to hear what he has to say.
@Bardicvoice : Asked most profound paranormal experience, Chad talks about getting scratched by something unseen, mark like velociraptor claws. #vancon
@Naficeh : Chad is talking about paranormal experiences. #VanCon
@RonnisTweets : What’s Ash doing now that the Angels are gone? ‘Kicking back, with his arms around some ladies……nah, I dunno’ #VanCon @ChadLindberg
@Bardicvoice : Fan asks what Ash would think when his heaven computer goes silent with angels exiled from Heaven; says he’s kicking back. #vancon
@FangasmSPN : Chad auditioned for the part of Ash in a sleeveless plaid shirt. Unbuttoned. That was it, he got the part 🙂 #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad doesn’t know what Ash is up to; would love if he made a great, bursting-in, gun-firing appearance, no dialogue, then leave! #vancon
@FangasmSPN : Who would Ash ally with on a desert island? Ellen. Who would he kill or eat? Misha! He’s got it coming 🙂 #vancon
@ristispeaks : The character/actor that Chad would kill/eat on a desert island is…. Misha #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Chad auditioned for Ash in sleeveless plaid shirt; to get day, turned around & fully unbuttoned it, then delivered lines! #VanCon Won it!
@SpnUk : If chad was stuck on a desert island with all the cast he would kill and eat misha. #VanCon

@DNMMagazine : On a desert island @ChadLindberg would ally with Ellen @samanthajferris – his favourite character. #spn #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Desert island? Chad would ally with Sam Ferris, kill & eat Misha! #VanCon
@Bardicvoice  : First job Chad booked in Hollywood was guest on Buffy. Second was ER with George Clooney; got to give George the finger! #vancon
@FangasmSPN  : On XFiles, Chad was stuck in a foxhole with Duchovny. After lunch. Apparently his burps rival Jared’s gas. Poor Chad. #VanCon
@FangasmSPN  : Chad’s first job in LA was Buffy. Excellent start! #vancon
@DNMMagazine  : CL: my 2nd job was ER and I got to work with George Clooney. He’s the coolest guy in the world. #spn #VanCon
@Bardicvoice  : Stuck in mud pit with David Duchovny in X-Files; apologizing for burping after lunch! #VanCon
@PadaAholic: Chad: supernatural has given me such life after death, it’s very special to me. #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad’s spirit box is making rhythmic scratching noises … #VanCon
@WinchesterBros : One of Chad’s ghost detectors is going off!! He is asking if there are spirits here. It’s pretty scary! #VanCon
@SpnUk : Chad is talking to spirits on stage. #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Hollywood moments: Chad at #ISpitOnYourGrave premiere had his mom on one side and his ex-girlfriend on the other … #VanCon
@PadaAholic : Chad is talking about ghosts #vancon
@Charkinzie : “I Spit On Your Grave” is a classic
@Charkinzie : He’s seen apparitions
@Charkinzie : Tweeting supernatural experiences ?
@Charkinzie  : @ChadLindberg took his mom to see “I Spit On Your Grave”
@Bardicvoice : Fan asks if Chad talked with his mom before she saw #ISpitOnYourGrave – she’d cover her eyes with her fan for many scenes! #vancon
@DNMMagazine : CL: during the premiere of #SpitOnYourGrave I had to tell my mom when to cover her ears or eyes #spn #VanCon
@FangasmSPN : Chad’s mom talking about how amazing he is on I Spit On Your Grave. Awwww. #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad puts his mom on mike: she says #ISpitOnYourGrave was her fave of Chad’s performances, even tho she didn’t see a lot of it … #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Chad’s mom says he did an incredible job in #ISpitOnYourGrave – she encourages everyone to see it.#VanCon
@FangasmSPN : What is Ash’s biggest fear? Fan: scissors! Lol #vancon
@Bardicvoice : What is Ash’s biggest fear? SCISSORS! Losing the mullet! #VanCon
@RonnisTweets : Ash’s biggest fear – scissors!! Losing the mullet. No mullet – no Ash! #VanCon
@Naficeh : Chad’s mom complimenting his performance on I Spit on your Grave. I’m tearing up a little here. #VanCon
@FangasmSPN : Chad is totally choked up saying his dad is his hero. *wibbles* #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Chad wanted to be a police officer like his dad, then learned he couldn’t shoot a gun! Discovered acting in school, that was it. #VanCon
@Bardicvoice : Fangirl moment for Chad? Getting tweeted by Zach from Ghost Adventures! #VanCon
@FangasmSPN : Chad fangirl moment was when Zak Baggins tweeted him. He ran into the other room yelling “MOM! Zak tweeted me!!” #vancon
@PadaAholic : Chad fangirl moment was when Zak Baggins tweeted him.He ran into the other room yelling “MOM!Zak tweeted me!!” #vancon
@WinchesterBros : A fan talks to Chad about a friend who killed herself and one of his spirit detectors went off. #VanCon
@Naficeh:  So that’s twice I’ve almost cried during Chad’s panel. #vancon
@PadaAholic: I’m crying omg a fan talks to Chad about a friend who killed herself #VanCon
@WinchesterBros : Chad asks his spirit detector to name the man on his right and it says RICHARD!! #vancon
@FangasmSPN : The moment the spirit box frickin answered @ChadLindberg and Richard!!! #vancon
@Bardicvoice : Fan said friend suicided; Chad’s spirit box makes noise. Chad said his friend with same name also suicided; spirits connecting? #VanCon
@Charkinzie : Ash’s biggest fear: losing the mullet
@Charkinzie : Listening to a fan’s story
@suenash19 : #VanCon bye Chad x
@PadaAholic : Richard and chad playing with the spirit box #vancon
@DNMMagazine : .@ChadLindberg’s spirit box responded when @dicksp8jr came on stage, saying the name “Richard”! #spn #VanCon
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   By @mcnamcj


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My #Supernatural Panel…

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