Chad Lindberg in Punk Love – Stills

Chad Lindberg Twitter : No more dramatic tweets!!!!!!!

It’s not the first time that Chad Lindberg receive dramatic or/and bad tweets… Now it’s really enough!!!

Chad Lindberg NEVER IGNORE HIS FANS!!! He has so much followers and sometimes, he doesn’t see all tweets!!! Stop to send him tweets like this one, or hate tweets just because you don’t get a reply from him!!

Chad is one of the sweetest person ever! He takes some of his time for his fans because he wants to do it & not because he have to do that!!! Like Chad said so many times, he LOVES his fans!!! So, why create drama for anything?!?!? Chad don’t hate his fans, & don’t ignore them!!!

Chad has a life!! Respect him! He doesn’t deserve to loose the respect!! Anyone deserves that!!

Fans have to understand him, and not sending to him bad tweets just because they are not happy for something!!

He’s doing the best for his fans everytime!!

So, if you are not agree with this, like Chad said, don’t tweet him!