Chad Lindberg – Rise Of The Zombies, TV Review!

Last night saw the SyFy channel debut a new zombie flick with Rise of the Zombies, just in time for Halloween.

The movie is really nothing new when it comes to the zombie horror genre, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch, and let’s be honest, is anything “new” when it comes to zombies anymore?

I did find director Nick Lyon’s take on zombies rather interesting though. His zombies are caused by some sort of virus that happens to be susceptible to electricity. We find that out from LeVar Burton, who plays Dr. Dan Halpern, and Burton gives the best performance in the movie. Burton, of course known for Geordie LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation, plays a rather intense role as a scientist, one that fits the actor and one I would like to see more from with Burton.

The fun part of the movie is watching what happens to the cast, as the cast is made up of well-known actors. Including Levar Burton, you will recognize MarielHemingway, Danny Trejo (Sons of Anarchy), Ethan Suplee (My Name Is Earl) and French Stewart (3rd Rock From The Sun).

And they all don’t make it out alive.

3741The movie features lots of gore and graphic content, lots and lots of zombies, and is very fast-paced. Right from the get-go there’s zombies and they just never stop. There also happens to be a rather shocking scene involving a pregnant woman. You’ll find yourself saying, “WTF!” — and laughing, but in a good way.

There are some questionable zombie “tactics” that hard core zombie fanatics might not like, but keep in mind that everyone’s zombies don’t have to follow a certain “rule” (do they?!) as these zombies might not be completely zombified. Also, the characters in the movie don’t happen to be the brightest, but one could argue the world may not be filled with too many bright individuals, so at least they are keeping it real. And a plus in my book is that the movie seemed to feature answers, something you don’t get a lot of at times with other zombie movies.

The Walking Dead it’s not, but Rise of the Zombies isn’t meant to be. They take some cliche moments from other zombie movies and put a cheap thrill spin on things for a Saturday night fright fest.

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Chad Lindberg in #RiseOfTheZombies – Screenshots & Movie Download link!

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Chad Lindberg New Interview by Fangasm (10-25-12)

Chad Lindberg has been busy! We caught up with Chad at the Dallas con last month to see what he’s been up to.

Lynn: We were talking with Tony Zierra and Elizabeth Yoffe (the director and producer of Chad’s indie film My Big Break) the other day, and we were struck by how much has changed for you. You’re so busy we can’t keep up with you!

Chad: (laughing) I guess that’s good. That first little bit of fame and the journey afterwards that’s captured in MBB, I think I’m much more comfortable with myself and more accepting of it, and just really settled into myself now. I know the next wave will come where it will be uncomfortable, something will happen – a tv show or a movie, and the next wave of fame will be scary, it will be a whole different level – but I’m ready for that. I know I’ll be able to handle it and be okay with it.

FULL INTERVIEW HERE >> Chad Lindberg Interview

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Chad Lindberg – Rise Of The Zombies : Review, “perfectly serviceable Saturday night Syfy movie”

Zombie movies need a headshot. It feels like there is a new one released every other day. There is a downside to the popularity of The Walking Dead. The zombie movie probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

On Saturday night (October 27th) the Syfy Channel offers Rise of the Zombies, an Asylum production that actually isn’t bad but at the same time brings nothing new to the table. It opens in the middle of people being attacked by zombies in San Francisco. It appears the city has been overrun. The small group of survivors is attempting to make it to Alcatraz, but only a pregnant woman manages to escape the marauding undead.

Meanwhile, another small group of survivors is holed up in the famous prison. Unfortunately for them these zombies can swim, and before long they are on shore and attacking the prison. The group fights them off as best they can and find a place to plot their next move. Apparently, some doctor has developed a cure at a nearby university. The group decides to hop in a raft and head to the university. It might be their last hope.


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