Ghost Stalkers ‘Whispers Estate’ Ep 1×01 – 142 Screen Shots! Enjoy!

Ghost Stalkers, List of the first 4 episodes, names & synopsis! ;) #ChadLindberg #JohnELTenney

1 – Whispers Estate (Airs, Oct 19, 2014)
The hosts investigate a possible ghost portal at the Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Ind., which was once home to a doctor who went insane following the death of his daughter in a fire.

2 – Springfield State Hospital (Airs, Oct 26, 2014)
The hosts travel to the abandoned Springfield State Hospital in Sykesville, Md., to search for a doorway to another world.

3 – Old Taylor Memorial Hospital (Airs, Nov 2, 2014)
Chad and John revisit their own near-death experiences and make an extraordinary discovery while investigating reports of a vortex at the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, Ga.

4 – Holmesberg Prison (Airs, Nov 9, 2014)
John and Chad investigate Philadelphia’s Holmesburg Prison, looking into reports of an oppressive paranormal energy, which some claim is related to a century of rioting, assault and murder. While there, John comes face-to-face with his own personal hell.

Ghost Stalkers

Chad Lindberg & John EL Tenney, Screen Caps! The Sidewalks Interview! ;)