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Chad Lindberg Interview by Fangasm! (6-24-14)

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We caught up recently with one of our favorite Supernatural guest actors, Chad Lindberg, who played fan favorite Ash in multiple seasons of Supernatural. As far as we know, Ash is still holding down the fort in Heaven, waiting for the Winchesters’ next visit or perhaps waiting for Cas to get things straightened up upstairs. We’re hoping we see more of him in SPN soon. It was our first time meeting his girlfriend Amanda Hall, and can we just say, she’s awesome?

Chad: So Amanda, this is Lynn and Kathy, they wrote a book about Supernatural and the fans.

Kathy: Chad is actually in two of our books – we wrote an academic book, Fandom At The Crossroads, about Supernatural and its amazing fandom, and then we wrote a memoir about all the crazy and wonderful things that happened to us when we were researching the academic book – that turned out to be a book about being a fangirl. That one’s called Fangasm. And Chad is in both.

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