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“Decoding Annie Parker,” starring Samantha Morton and Helen Hunt, traces the discovery of the breast cancer gene through the lives of two women — one who carries it, one who uncovers it.

Based on two true stories, this modest indie with major ambitions is directed by veteran cinematographer Steven Bernstein, making a solid feature debut. He uses the barely intersecting lives of Annie Parker (Morton), who lost her mother and sister to the disease before being diagnosed with it herself, and geneticist Mary-Claire King (Hunt), to dissect the search for the BRCA-1 gene in both personal and scientific terms.

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Chad Lindberg Movie: “Decoding Annie Parker: Veteran Cinematographer Takes Turn at the Helm!” Read the Article!

Decoding Annie Parker marks the feature film directing debut of long-time indie cinematographer Steven Bernstein, ASC, who has over 40 cinematography credits, beginning with Conspiracy in 1989.

Decoding Annie Parker takes audiences on an intimate journey based on the real life experiences of two women, who live in parallel worlds. Bernstein was attracted to the story because he was looking to direct a film about something important, explaining:

I asked agents to send me scripts. One of the scripts was about Annie Parker. The script was written by Dr. Michael Moss, a physician who believed it is important for her story to be told. Annie was 13 years old when breast cancer claimed her mother’s life. Her older sister later lost a battle with ovarian cancer. Annie subsequently survived three breast cancer operations.

decoding annie parker

Bernstein contacted Dr. Moss and Annie Parker. After a heartfelt discussion, they gladly accepted his offer to rewrite the script. Bernstein was assisted in that endeavor by his son Adam.

The second woman is Mary-Clare King, a geneticist who spent years searching for a reliable early clue that women will be afflicted with breast cancer. In 1992, she discovered that women with the BRCA1 gene in their DNA are likely to develop breast cancer. King subsequently discovered that the BRCA2 gene in DNA signals ovarian cancer is likely to occur.

To Bernstein, Decoding Annie Parker is a story about faith, hope, and survival during challenging times. It took Bernstein five years to raise the funds needed to produce the film:

Everyone involved believed in the story. Their heartfelt support enabled us to produce Decoding Annie Parker in 35 mm anamorphic format with a $2 million budget. When we added up the numbers, we found that two perf 35 MM film was affordable. We used the 2.4:1 aspect to visually augment the drama. We used empty spaces to show alienation and sadness. I also wanted a dynamic frame that I could move things across.


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Decoding Annie Parker starring @ChadLindberg Will Be at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18th!!!! Check out Details here!

…An exception: One of the regulars at Cannes is Surina Nirula with one or the other member of her family. I mention her this year because some weeks ago I went to a private showing of Decoding Annie Parker, a film that she and her sons have co-produced, which is a dramatic and moving story of research into breast cancer featuring the named sufferer and a determined scientist….

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We will also be at the Cannes Film Festival, with a party held in the Film’s Honor on the evening of the 20th of May. The film will also be having screenings at Cannes and we will pass that information along as we have it.

Decoding Annie Parker will be screening at Cannes at 8pm on Saturday 18th May with an after party at 9.30pm.

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Chad Lindberg in “Decoding Annie Parker” – More details about the movie!!!

It is the story of Anne Parker, a sharp witted, funny and irrepressible young woman who watches her mother, then sister, fall victim to breast cancer.

When, later, she herself is diagnosed with the disease, she is resolved to fight back against immeasurable odds.

The film is also the story of Mary-Claire King, the geneticist whose discovery of the BRCA1 gene and its link to breast cancer foreverchanged the understanding of human disease. Hers is considered one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

These two women are separated by thousands of miles, by circumstance, background and education, and yet, as told in the film, their two lives gradually intertwine over 15 years until a final, singular and life changing reckoning.


11-year-old Annie Parker is living the perfect young life, loved by all, and especially by her mother, father, and older sister. But none of them knows that something horrible is stalking this perfect family. On a fall afternoon in 1976, young Annie hears a noise from upstairs. Her mother has collapsed and died, and an agonizing downward spiral begins, as we interweave her story with another…

Far away, a brilliant but eccentric research scientist named Mary-Claire King is enduring the extremes of both the success born of her genius, as well as her personal failures. While still in her twenties she has already made genetic discoveries of such profound significance that she was known throughout the world. But now she is on a courageous journey against the advice of virtually everyone who knew her—a journey that would take years of her life, almost ruin her reputation, deny her wealth and opportunity, but end in a breakthrough of such significance that it would be considered one of the most important scientific discoveries of the twentieth century and touch millions of lives—including that of a young woman living thousands of miles away, named Anne Parker. But that will be later.

At the age of 19, after the sudden death of her father, Anne marries Paul and soon is pregnant. She struggles to find a way in the world with her equally young but misguided husband and her older sister who tries to become a surrogate parent to Anne. But, cruelly, Anne’s sister contracts the same cancer that killed their mother, and in a few months, she too is dead.

Married, with a child, and only in her 20’s, Anne Parker’s challenges have hardly begun.

She herself is diagnosed with the same disease that killed her mother and sister—breast cancer. It is severe and surgery and chemotherapy with all its accompanying difficulties soon follows. She loses her hair and if that was that enough to endure, her husband, never really mature or stable, has begun an affair with Anne’s closest friend, and leaves her, shortly before she is diagnosed with a second cancer.

And this is where many stories would end; with tragedy of unimaginable anguish and an almost surreal relentlessness, but Anne Parker is not an ordinary woman and hers is not an ordinary story. With the help of a young doctor, Sean, and a new friend, Kim, Anne continues her fight. As each tragedy befalls her, something remarkable happens. She grows stronger. As each new sadness comes, she grows more resolved; as her world becomes darker, she becomes, well… funnier. So funny that she makes other patients laugh. So funny her doctors are far more serious about her illness than she is. So positive, that she becomes a life force onto herself, determined to survive it all. And something else—she believes that she must find the genetic secret that hid in her family
and had killed almost all of them. It becomes the focus of her considerable energies. But that answer would be long in coming and would need another woman, far away: Dr. Mary-Claire King.

While Annie struggles, Mary Claire King is wrestling in the laboratory with certain types of cancer. Contrary to all established medical views, she believes in a genetic link to these cancers—but her theories are rejected by her peers. Her requests for money for research are denied time and again. But she goes ahead with the research herself, with the help of a small, poorly paid team.

With what resources she can muster, Dr. King sets up a small lab. But it’s simply not enough. She fails to produce any evidence to support her theories, and it’s only her faith in her ideas that sustains her. She becomes particularly interested in a certain type of breast cancer that seems to pass through families. The same type that killed the Parker family.

Dr. King takes other jobs to support herself and her research. But finally, remarkably, against all odds, she and her band of workers begin to put together evidence. As science advances, important new resources become available to her, and as computers rapidly evolve and allow for quicker processing of data, what seemed impossible when she started, now seems tantalizingly close.

On one late autumn afternoon, years after starting her research, it happens. Dr. King and her team the the way to prove the link between certain types of deadly breast cancer and the failure of a gene. They called it the BRCA-1 Gene and when Mary subsequently publishes her findings, they are universally hailed as a discovery of unimaginable importance.

Mary Claire King ended up on the cover of Time magazine; and Anne Parker finally had the answer she herself had long sought. This same Anne Parker who was now happily remarried. The Anne Parker who a few years later would contract cancer for a third time.

A third time. And she would survive again. And she laughed while being treated, for reasons only she knew and understood.

Anne Parker still lives a full life to this day.

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Chad Lindberg, “Decoding Annie Parker” Movie – Synopsis !

Directed by :  Steven Bernstein

Plot Summary :

The project from director Steven Bernstein is based on the true story of geneticist Mary Claire King, who discovered a gene linked to breast cancer. Hunt stars as King and Morton plays Annie Parker, a woman who resolves to fight her cancer diagnosis. Eve will play Louise, a former friend of Parker’s who has an affair with her husband, causing them to divorce.

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