#HowBoutSomePizza Story by Chad Lindberg & Dave Abbitt!

Many of you know the #HowBoutSomePizza Story! But there are many of you who don’t know yet about what we are talking about!

So, here it’s the full story, written by Chad Lindberg, when Ā he put a pizza box in Auction on Ebay! šŸ˜‰

“HOW BOUT SOME PIZZA?!!” If you follow me and @The_Dave_Abbitt on Twitter then you probably know what jokeĀ I’m talking about.

One day, it’s Dave and I’s Dream to own our own Pizza joint called “Chad & Dave’s “How Bout Some Pizza?!” It will happen. šŸ˜‰ Dave is my dear friend and he also is a Producer who is about toĀ beĀ releasing a Movie Called…”Best Man Down”.

Years ago, DaveĀ and I met and worked together on a Movie called “The White River Kid”. One Day I had ordered a Pizza from Dominos. Dave and I were waiting for Lunch inĀ the Hotel when the Phone rang. I picked it up and said “Hello”? Ā The lady at the front Desk said….”How Bout some Pizza?!”,Ā rather than just letting me know that the Pizza had arrived.Ā What was funny about it was how she said it. She said it like it was the best idea in the entire World. Like she knew something we didn’t. Ā Kind of like Disneyland had a arrived and you guys have no idea. Her voice was so happy and over the top I couldn’t helpĀ but laugh after hanging up. Dave had overheard Her over theĀ Phone and we both looked at each other and thought it was the funniest thing we’d ever heard and had a good laugh. StillĀ is. You kinda had to be there. Ā That’s the Story behind “How About some Pizza?!”:)

To this day,Ā almost 15 years later, Ā Dave and I stillĀ say “How about some Pizza”Ā  to each other EVERY DAY. Some of you have caught on and have joined in the “How Bout Some Pizza” Fun on Twitter. šŸ™‚

Thanks for being apart of the “How About Some Pizza” Movement. Ā šŸ˜‰

-Chad and Dave

Chad & Dave 2 Chad & Dave