Help @ChadLindberg & His family in their battle “BringIvanBackHome”…They need us!!

Help Chad Lindberg & his family.

Chad did a lot for all his fans, & still doing the best for all of us.

Now, Chad & his family need us…They need of our help to get Ivan (Chad Lindberg’s nephew) back at his home, where he’s surrounded by the love of his family!

Please it’s VERY important! Give as much you can, tweet your love & support to them ( @chadlindberg & @beyond_badass ), & Spread the word! Thank you everyone!

This is the link where you can read everything about that!:)

Chad Lindberg Helping THE CLONES!

Chad Lindberg New Skype in Auction to help Wyatt, fighting against Leukemia!

Chad Lindberg :

Howdy again Folks….

Recently someone in the “Supernatural” Family Fandom reached out to me and brought to my attention the Story of a little Boy named Wyatt. Wyatt is battling Acute T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His parents were told recently by Doctors that Wyatt will need a Bone Marrow Transplant.  I’m doing one more Skype to help raise money for Wyatt and his family during this challenging time. There is 14 days left to donate. 100% of the proceeds will go to Wyatt’s Give Forward Fund Raiser.

All you need is a Skype account from anywhere in the World!!!! You can have family or friends join you in Person or online. 😉

Thanks Folks. Please spread the word if you can. Every little bit helps.




Help Chad Lindberg’s Friend to win #MissCoed2013 & vote for Lauren Hanley!! Check out!!

Lauren Hanley