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Ghost Hunt

CHAD LINDBERG’S GHOST HUNT – Washington DC(Arlington, VA)
Limited To 20 Participants ONLY:

Chad Lindberg Ghost Hunt DCCome give yourself the true “Supernatural” experience by Ghost Investigating with Paranormal Enthusiast Chad Lindberg!! Our favorite “Badass” will take you to extremely haunted Locations where you can experience some hands on Ghost Investigating. Geared with his latest Ghost Hunting Equipment, you and Chad will take a tour and learn the history of the chilling location while trying to communicate with the Ghosts and the “beyond”. Chad will use such devices such as the P-SB7, also known as the “Spirit Box”, a device that allows you to communicate with the Spirits in real time and voice.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own Ghost Hunting Gear as well!! You’ll be able to explore and collect EVP’s, known as Electronic Voice Phenomena with just a simple Voice recording device. Don’t have any Ghost Hunting Devices? Don’t worry! Just bring your phone!! You’ll be able to take pictures in hopes of catching a ghost! Also most phones these days are equipped with basic voice recorders and “Ghost Hunting” apps as well. On this Hunt…you and Chad will investigate the very active Ghost Suite at the Omni Hotel Shoreham. Strange things occurred in and around the guestrooms that surround the suite. Televisions and lights suddenly appearing on and items being moved. Don’t be surprise you feel a slight breeze come your way!

THIS TOUR IS AVAILABLE FOR MONDAY MAY 5TH, 2014 and is limited to only 20 brave souls. You will be picked up at the front of the convention hotel (The DoubleTree) at 3pm for a 3:30pm departure with Chad. The tour is from 4 pm to 6 pm and takes place at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. The price is $199 per person.


Credit : www.creationent.com

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