Chad Lindberg “Rumjungle” tattoo Ass! ;)

As promised at 7k Instagram followers…a picture of my infamous Ass Tattoo. The Story goes like this.. About 10 years ago I met one of my best friends Berkley. He was visiting LA and I was asked by a mutual friend to show him around the city. We hit it off immediately and not but 2 hours later we found ourselves in a car ride to Vegas. While in Vegas and 3 sheets to the Wind…we found ourselves walking by a cheesy nightclub in Vegas called… "Rumjungle". As we passed it I said, "wouldn't it be funny if we got a matching tattoo on our Ass and it said Rumjungle on it?". For the next 10 years the word "Rumjungle" would be a mutual joke between us. When you can't find any words to describe Life…"Rumjungle". Life IS a "Rumjungle". Cut to 10 years later. Berkley came to visit me in LA about a year ago. We always joked about getting matching Tattoos on our Asses. Well…we finally did it. He and I have matching "Rumjungle" tattoos on our Asses. He is one of my best friends and I love him dearly. When you can't find the right words to describe Life…"Rumjungle". The End.

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