Chad Lindberg on the Cata9tales Album: “Death of a Household Name” Song! Mic for Bid!

Berkley Priest from Cata9tales: We put a lot of heart and soul into making this album, and when it came time to choose someone to do the narration over our track, “Death of a Household Name,” we knew we had only one person to call on: Chad Lindberg. A fierce actor and dear friend, we had this mic shipped out to him in Los Angeles where he recorded several takes of dialogue and ad-libs. Only a small portion made it onto the record due to the song structure and time constraints, but perhaps one day we’ll remix and re-release more.

Chad Lindberg : I got a call one day from my good friend Berkley aka “Cata9tales” asking me if I would be on their new Album “Hello Maybe Everything”.   They wanted to feature me in a few of their new songs, one called “Death of a Household Name”. I was very honored and jumped at the opportunity!! Since Berkley and I live on opposite ends of the US I couldn’t rush right over to their studio to “lay down some tracks”.  So he had this Mic shipped to me and I did all the recording myself…with Berkley’s direction and guidance of course. 😉

cata9tales MicChad cata9tales mic You can get this mic, Bidding on it HERE!

All the proceeds will go to promotion Costs for Cata9tales new Record and Tours.

Berkley also wanted me to tell you that the Winner will get a SIGNED Copy of their upcoming Album!!!!


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