Chad Lindberg Auction : SPN Pilot Episode Script!

Spn pilot script

Hellooooooooooooooooo “Supernatural” Fans!!!!

Now THIS is for the ULTIMATE “Supernatural” Fan!!! The Pilot Episode Script that started the Phenomenon we have come to know and love as…. “Supernatural”. This Script is particularly cool because it features Sam and Dean on the Cover, as well as the beloved Impala. Red Cover front and back and in mint condition.

Now you can go back and read the Script while you watch the original Pilot Episode!!  It’s always fun to see how the Actors interpret the lines and Script. Everything starts on the Page!!!

I’ve signed the front Cover as well as the inside with Ash’s infamous quote. If you go to “Supernatural” Conventions you’ll be off to a great start at collecting all of the Cast’s Autographs!!! I’m also including a free “New Face of Sexy” Pool Table Dr. Badass Signed 8×10 Glossy. 😉

Want the Script and Photo personalized? You got it…just let me know!!!

Happy Biddin…;)

-Chad aka “Dr. Badass”

Click HERE to bid on it!!


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