Chad Lindberg : How can he receive hate Tweets & Complaints ?! #StopThis

Hello There!!

Just writting this article cause what’s happened tonight!!

Chad Lindberg decided to do a Twitter shit storm on Twitter!!! Instead of to receive only love tweets or questions, he got hate & complaints tweets too!! Everyone knows he hates receive these kind of tweets!! He doesn’t like hate, even more when that comes to his “fans”!!!

Chad is the sweetest man ever!! When I say sweetest, I mean SWEETEST !!!! He ALWAYS care about his fans, & he ALWAYS showed it!!! He takes a really pleasure to reply to them on twitter, & laugh with them!! There are not lot of actors who take their time like he does for us!!! He’s a human, has a private life, & he’s busy!!!! Everyone have to understand he can’t reply to everybody, & everytime at them!! He gets lot of tweets by day!!!

Seriously people, don’t take that personally when Chad doesn’t reply you!! He does ALWAYS his best to make his fans happy!!!! The lack of respect of some people is annoying!!!! He doesn’t deserve that at all !!!! People complaining everytime is exhausting!!! Don’t forget he replies to his fans for FUN!!!!! You have to know Chad Lindberg DON’T IGNORE you!!! And he will never do!!!! The main reason is because he loves his fans SO MUCH…and when I say his fans, I mean ALL HIS FANS!!!!

So please people, stop acting in this very bad way with him!!!! Even with these tweets he LOVES YOU!!! He’s ALWAYS nice with his fans… I can’t believe I read tweets saying to be nice with his fans just because he says he doesn’t like hate tweets….For 1 sec, put him at his place! If you receive lot of complaining or hates tweets, you wouldn’t like too!!! ! He just wants to let you know he doesn’t like these kind of tweets for no reason!!!

Show  him your love & not your hate cause you think only to yourself !! Chad has a big heart!!! Never forget he wants only the best for his fans, & he does always the best he can for them! 😉

I hope it’ll be the last time I should write an article like this!!! He deserves only the best!!



2 thoughts on “Chad Lindberg : How can he receive hate Tweets & Complaints ?! #StopThis

  1. Hate tweets…It’s just…O my God. I’m Minion, but I love Chad too. Like you said, he is really sweet, and loves his fans. And the fact he spends hours on Twitter, talking with us, makes him even sweeter :).. Sending hate tweets towards him is like sending hate tweets to a good friend, who loves us and wants us to smile.

    Plus, he doesn’t have to reply, if he doesn’t want to! He CAN do that, but he DOESN’T HAVE TO.

    True fan would never send hate tweet to the favourite actor. Never.

    Let’s do ChadLindbergAppreciateDayOnTwitter :). With hashtag, and everything :).

  2. I’m agree!! 😉 Let’s do this!! thanks for the idea! We have to spread the word for today!! 🙂 #ChadLindbergAppreciateDay ! 😉

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