Decoding Annie Parker starring @ChadLindberg Will Be at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18th!!!! Check out Details here!

…An exception: One of the regulars at Cannes is Surina Nirula with one or the other member of her family. I mention her this year because some weeks ago I went to a private showing of Decoding Annie Parker, a film that she and her sons have co-produced, which is a dramatic and moving story of research into breast cancer featuring the named sufferer and a determined scientist….

FULL Article > ShowTime At Cannes!

We will also be at the Cannes Film Festival, with a party held in the Film’s Honor on the evening of the 20th of May. The film will also be having screenings at Cannes and we will pass that information along as we have it.

Decoding Annie Parker will be screening at Cannes at 8pm on Saturday 18th May with an after party at 9.30pm.

Credit : Decoding Annie Parker on Facebook


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