@ChadLindberg aka Sven, in “A Very Sven Christmas” movie – REVIEW !!!

“A Very Sven Christmas” Movie – Review!

Sven is back for Christmas!! The Uncool Vampire Blogger does his comeback in his new movie “A Very Sven Christmas”!

A Very Sven Christmas (36)

Created & directed by Chad Lindberg, “A Very Sven Christmas” follows the story of Sven, who adopted a human kid “Cornelius” and who’s learning the true meaning of Christmas, participating at the Christmas Parade in Mont Vernon!

Sven shows us how a vampire & human can co-exist, & spend good times together! For this occasion, Sven & his new Son got out their Christmas outfits, meeting Santa Claus & people of the town! For this new movie, Chad Lindberg involved his family! What better & cute for a Christmas movie?

A Very Sven Christmas (4)

It’s a touching movie, including emotion, to see Chad Lindberg’s nephew playing his role perfectly with his uncle! I actually enjoyed being surprised by Chad’s Nephew presence! He’s so cute & adorable! That changes to see Sven in another & different thing!

It’s really pleasant to follow Sven’s Life, this original vampire! A really good & funny movie which made me smile, & gave me this festive feeling!

If you didn’t see it yet, do it now! Meet Sven in his Christmas Outfit, enjoying Christmas Parade with his Son!

By Audrey (@DeanWGirl)

A Very Sven Christmas (29)


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