Sven, The Uncool Vampire Blogger & Friends on The Jimmy Star Show! (7/20/11)

Sven The Uncool Vampire Blogger is a beloved character of renown actor Chad Lindberg (I Spit on Your Grave, Supernatural, The Fast and The Furious) who gained fame in the video series of the same name begun on comedian Will Ferrell’s internet site Funny or Die. As huge fans of the sensitive and sincere vampire who speaks with a lisp, when Jimmy Star and his Cool Crowd interviewed Chad Lindberg in March 2011, they invited “Sven” to make an appearance all his own to aid him in his campaign to quell the many myths about vampires. Now the fateful day of Sven’s first live interview is upon us!

The phenomenon that is Sven The Uncool Vampire Blogger has spawned a Sven Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube series, attracting a large devoted fanbase. Fans of Sven have been encouraged to submit questions for the living undead blogger to be asked on The Jimmy Star Show live on air.  Not to be without entourage, Sven’s friends are also set to join the fun by way of fellow talent actors Josh Cowdery and Selena Fara (also Funny or Die compatriots).

Credit : TheJimmyStarShow

Official Site :

Follom them on Twitter :

Facebook fanpage :


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